Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Today -100: June 2, 1915: This impudent excuse is typical of the Germans

Austria is refusing to offer Romania anything to stop it entering the war. It is thought that Romania and Bulgaria will soon enter the war and maybe even – and this would obviously be a game-changer – San Marino. (Granted the game that would be changed is Trivial Pursuit, but a game-changer is a game-changer).

The NYT notes that in the 9th century San Marino declared war against Charlemagne. And where is he now? Dead, that’s where he is.

There are so many countries at war (okay, 11, but that doesn’t count all their colonies and protectorates and commonwealths), that evidently no one noticed that one was on vacation:

In a massive zeppelin raid on London (which has previously been untouched), 120 bombs are dropped, starting fires, and killing 7 people. The Blitz this ain’t. More riots against and looting of German-owned shops ensue. Germany says the raid was in retaliation for the (French) aerial bombardment of Ludwigshafen am Rhein. Which the French said was in retaliation for German bombing raids on Paris. The Daily News says “This impudent excuse is typical of the Germans”.

Grover Cleveland’s widow Frances Preston is president of the Princeton branch of the New Jersey Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage and vp of the state branch. She says many women don’t want the vote and women don’t know enough about politics to cast intelligent votes.

The Georgia Prison Commission is considering Leo Frank’s plea for commutation. A delegation from the Atlanta region is present, including members of Mary Phagan’s family, former Governor Joseph Brown, and Solicitor General of the Blue Ridge Circuit Herbert Clay, who complains that non-Georgians have been reading “biased, I might say subsidized accounts.” I wonder jew he thinks is subsidizing those accounts? Who – I meant who he thinks is subsidizing those accounts.


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