Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Today -100: June 17, 1915: Of palaces, incinerations, rockefellers, and zeppelins

French planes bomb the Karlsruhe Palace, the home of the grand duke of Baden. Presumably they didn’t know that the queen of Sweden was visiting, but the wing she’s in is untouched. Kaiser Wilhelm’s aunt is also in residence.

France is experimenting with incinerating its dead soldiers. On its first try, after 5 hours “no unpleasant odor was noticeable.”

At the Lusitania inquiry, Cunard chairman Alfred Booth says that it was perfectly fine that the ship wasn’t using all its boilers – saving coal but reducing speed – because no ship had ever been torpedoed when it was going more than 14 knots, and the Lusi was making a full 18.

31 socialist writers send a letter to John D. Rockefeller Jr., accusing him of murder in the Colorado coal mines, not just for the Ludlow Massacre, but for the high mortality rate in his mines, high even by coal mine standards, and for manipulating the courts to sentence union leaders to death. Since union leaders are evidently being held responsible for acts committed by union members, it actually seems only fair that Rockefeller should be tried for murders committed by his thugs. Among the signers of the letter are Upton Sinclair and Sinclair Lewis.

Headline of the Day -100:
It’s probably just a little gas. Hah!

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