Monday, August 17, 2015

Today -100: August 17, 1915: Whither Leo Frank?

Leo Frank is grabbed from the Georgia State Prison Farm by a group of 25 to 40 men. They bundle him into a car and take off for parts unknown. Details are few today because they cut the telephone lines, except the one they missed. They planned it pretty meticulously, considering they only had to overcome two guards and a trusty.

Chinese President Yuan Shikai wants to name himself Emperor. He’s arguing that a hereditary monarchy would prevent China falling into chaos, like Mexico, when he dies.

The Allies will declare cotton shipments contraband.

The Providence Journal says that the German Embassy has spies in the State and Treasury Departments, who informed it, among other things, of the path the Lusitania would take.

France denies using poison gas. “That’s just how we smell,” says the Ministry of War.

Sorry ‘bout that.

Lillian Feickert, president of the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association said recently that Woodrow Wilson will declare his support for the NJ women’s suffrage referendum. Wilson is reportedly furious about this claim.

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