Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Today -100: August 19, 1915: It isn’t a mob spirit that prevails here

The Germans capture Kovno! (now called Kaunas, Lithuania)

Pancho Villa accepts Woodrow Wilson’s plan for a conference, which is pretty safe since he knows Carranza never will.

Headline of the Day -100 (LA Times): 

Judge Newton Augustus Morris, former Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, who is being treated as a hero because he kept Leo Frank’s corpse from being mutilated, says “It isn’t a mob spirit that prevails here [in Marietta]. The men who lynched Mr. Frank were intelligent men; they did it in an intelligent way.” I’m no superior court judge, like Morris used to be and will be again, but I believe that’s called pre-meditation. “I believe Frank has his just deserts,” says Morris, because evidently a belief in the rule of law isn’t a requirement for to be a judge in Georgia.

Pictures of Frank hanging from the tree are already being sold in Atlanta. The acting mayor says there’s no law against it – as long as they have a license. However, postcards with the picture cannot be sent through the mails.

Jacques Lebaudy, aka Jacques I, self-proclaimed Emperor of Sahara (he landed mercenaries in Morocco in 1903) (he inherited a fortune in sugar refining money and that’s how he chose to spend it), which he used to run from the Savoy Hotel in London and now runs from Long Island, gets into a dispute with a neighbor who persisted in disobeying his royal command not to drive on her own driveway. Sheriff’s deputies were called, and they got into a scuffle with the Saharan Army (four messenger boys, but Lebaudy gave them uniforms and everything). The sheriff chased Emperor Jack, both on horseback. His wife (the Empress Augustine) agrees to have him sent to the Knickerbocker Sanitarium.

Justice Charles Evans Hughes of the Supreme Court says he will not run for president in 1916 and if nominated would not run, and I for one believe him.

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