Monday, August 03, 2015

Today -100: August 3, 1915: Our country seeks only her own advantages and wishes to realize her rights

The German occupation authorities in Belgium arrest British nurse Edith Cavell for smuggling Allied soldiers out of Belgium. She will be executed in October.

Various pro-peace (i.e., pro-German) groups with names like Friends of Peace, the American Truth Society, and the American Fair Play Society, attack Secretary of State Robert Lansing as a menace to peace who should resign or be forced out before he drags the US into war with Germany against the will of the people.

Headline of the Day -100: 
Prime Minister Vasil Radoslavov, not even slightly chagrined at negotiating with both sides concurrently, says “Our country seeks only her own advantages and wishes to realize her rights. ... The only question to be settled is, how can we achieve our aim with the least sacrifice?”

News from Haiti: “Since the uprising in Port au Prince last week... there has been desultory fighting around Cape Haitien between the Blot and Bobo factions.” Worst... comic book.... ever. Evidently Woodrow Wilson gave Adm. Capterton really broad authority to do pretty much anything he wants to bring about law & order and a new puppet government in Haiti.

A crew member of the US steamship Leelanaw, which was sunk by a German u-boat off the UK last week, is put in prison by the British when it is discovered that he is German (and pretending to be Dutch).

A NYT editorial appeals to women suffragists not to bother the 64th Congress with their silly little issue when it has so many important things to deal with instead. It worries that sympathetic congresscritters “may be impelled, through their sense of chivalry, to waste the nation’s precious time in debating the question.”

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