Saturday, October 10, 2015

Today -100: October 10, 1915: You men are too belligerent to run the Government alone

Teutonic troops capture Belgrade.

At a women’s suffrage party, Carrie Chapman Catt says “You men are too belligerent to run the Government alone.”

Count Ernst von Reventlow, a retired German naval officer, writes in the Deutsche Tageszeitung that Turkey should be allowed to suppress the Armenians by any means it sees fit and suppress uprisings and intrigues “so that a repetition will be impossible.” That’s not chilling at all. And if you were wondering, why yes the good count will indeed join the Nazi party.

Pope Benedict gets all belligerents to promise not to make POWs work on Sundays.

The Rockefeller Foundation of Medical Research has found a cure for diabetes. Bicarbonate of sodium and salt.

Before their retreat from Poland, Russian troops evidently killed a lot of Jews who they claimed to suspect were spies (but mostly Jews who’d been denounced by Poles).

The Pan-American conference of Secretary of State Lansing and the ambassadors of six Latin American countries decide to recognize Carranza et al as the de facto government of Mexico.

Douglas Fairbanks, back from LA after shooting his first films, says of the movies, “They get me.” Also, they’re paying him a shitload of money. 5-year-old Douglas Jr makes an amusing cameo in this interview.

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