Saturday, October 03, 2015

Today -100: October 3, 1915: Of torpedo ears, treacherous courses, and Woodrow and the women

Headline of the Day -100: 

Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Sazonov (which is a seriously great name) warns the Bulgarian government that if they “persist in their present treacherous course they must answer to Russia.” That “treachery” is to “the Slavic cause.” Russia considers that Bulgaria owes its independence to it, so its feelings are seriously hurt by Bulgaria going over to the dark side.

In addition to those threats, both sides are trying to bribe Bulgaria. Germany et al offer it some Turkish territory if it refrains from declaring war on Turkey, and help in annexing all of Macedonia. The Entente powers are also offering part of Macedonia as well as parts of Turkey. The Teutons are only requesting that Bulgaria be neutral while the Entente wants active military action against Turkey.

Russia expands newspaper censorship from war news to all news.

Woodrow Wilson lets it be known that he will vote Yes on the New Jersey women’s suffrage referendum in two weeks. As will Secretary of War Lindley Garrison and Wilson’s secretary Joseph Tumulty.

Here’s an anti-suffrage poster from NJ:

The NYT Sunday Magazine has an article about NY women’s suffrage posters. Here are some:

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