Sunday, October 04, 2015

Today -100: October 4, 1915: Civilization is spreading

The Committee on Armenian Atrocities reports that there have been atrocities in Armenia.

Russia, in the name of the Allies, gives Bulgaria an ultimatum: expel all the German and Austrian officers now directing its army within 24 hours, or else.

Turkey will cede a small strip of territory to Bulgaria, so now Turks are preparing for the handover by looting the property of all the Christians in the area and ethnically cleansing Christians from villages on their side of the border to make room for Turkish refugees from the ceded lands.

Theodore Roosevelt sends the Equal Suffrage League of New Jersey a message of support for the women’s suffrage referendum. He says it’s working pretty well in the Western states that have it, and the East should catch up. “Civilization is spreading,” he says. Even to New Jersey?

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