Friday, February 24, 2017

Today -100: February 24, 1917: Of filibusters and food

Republicans in the Senate are objecting to Wilson’s plans to let Congress dissolve and then not convene the new Congress for 9 months (as was the custom), while whatever shit goes down goes down. They’re planning to filibuster everything, so a special session has to be called. Pacifist congresscritters are also worried that without anyone around in Washington to put a check on Wilson, he’ll will do something that will lead to war.

British Prime Minister David Lloyd George tells Parliament that food stocks are dangerously low, in effect admitting that Germany’s submarine warfare is working, although he blames bad harvests. He will order imports cut back drastically (no tea!) and force farmers to use every inch of their land – or else – while guaranteeing them a minimum price. Newspapers will have to make do with a lot less paper.

France asks all schoolboys in the country to raise vegetables on vacant land. Just the boys, evidently, or maybe that’s a translation error.

New York City, facing its own food problems, wants the state to give the city the power to buy food during emergencies and sell it at cost.

Federal investigators who federally investigated whether food riots were caused by German secret agents decide that they were not.

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