Friday, February 03, 2017

Today -100: February 3, 1917: I just came to swap views

Woodrow Wilson confers with senators and the Cabinet about what to do about Germany. There seems to be consensus about breaking diplomatic relations, with differences only over whether to wait for Germany to carry through on its threats to sink ships without warning. Wilson reassures the senators that he doesn’t think Germany will actually do it, because he never tires of being wrong about things.

Wilson has a weird idea of conferring with Congress. He just went over without warning, after the Senate recessed for the day, and talked only with Democrats, because that’s all he could find. He tells reporters, “I just came to swap views.”

Bills to ban Japanese people owning land are withdrawn in the Oregon and Idaho legislatures after strong pressure from the federal government not to complicate the US’s international relations at this precarious time.

The prime minister and cabinet of Montenegro resign because King Nicholas refuses to abdicate in favor of Serbia’s crown prince in a preliminary move towards a union with Serbia.

Margaret Sanger is convicted in a non-jury trial. She says if sent to the workhouse, she will hunger strike like her sister Ethyl Byrne. Commission of Correction Lewis says Byrne was released in better physical shape than when she arrived, thanks to all that forcible feeding and received medical services – for no charge – that would have cost $1,000 a day on the outside. I’m sure Byrne will send him a thank you card or something.

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