Monday, August 28, 2017

Today -100: August 28, 1917: Supreme power alone can assure the salvation of the country

The NYC magistrates’ Board, looking for a way to crack down on street-corner speeches by pacifists, decides that the laws on disorderly conduct cover them.

The Wilson administration plans to create a commission to investigate the IWW threat.

The members of the Texas congressional delegation petition for the withdrawal of black troops from the state. The NYT says that the urgent need to train soldiers for the war outweighs any consideration of whether the federal government has the right to train black soldiers in the South: “time is precious and the inevitable results of the ill-feeling caused by the spectacle of armed negroes in the South should be avoided.” It’s funny how ill-feeling felt by black soldiers – armed negroes, indeed! – isn’t even a factor in their thinking.

Kerensky warns military conspirators and Bolsheviks alike:

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