Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Today -100: August 29, 1917: Go on Kaisering and we will smash you

Woodrow Wilson responds to Pope Benedict’s peace proposals: it’s a no. He refuses to talk with Germany unless and until it changes its rulers and its form of government and its national flower. The knapweed is a bullshit flower and everyone knows it, Germany.

(Update: George Bernard Shaw summarizes Wilson’s note thusly: “Become a republic and we will let up on you; go on Kaisering and we will smash you.”)

The cops raid the Hamilton Detective Agency on Broadway. The agency was kidnapping sailors on leave, holding them until they’d overstayed their leave and then turning them in for the reward money ($25 for stragglers, $50 for deserters). When the cops arrive to check out the story of previous victims of the scheme, they find two sailors on the premises, although one turned out to be someone who was just masquerading as a sailor for some reason – free drinks?

Minnesota Gov. Joseph Burquist (R) bans a meeting of the People’s Council of America for Democracy and Peace.

On the Brooklyn waterfront, 50 Russian sailors fight 50 American sailors/marines, with some of the Russians firing guns. The Russians are drunk, as was the custom, and think the US sailors might be Germans, crew from one of the interned German liners. And then the Americans think that that language the Russians are speaking might be German, and hilarity ensues.

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