Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Today -100: August 30, 1917: In which is revealed how French people recognize American troops

Headline of the Day -100: 

How can it be an “anti-British campaign of sedition,” NYT?

The puppet Polish Council of State resigns en masse. For months the Council has been in conflict with Germany, which isn’t prepared to hand over much power to them. The final straw was Germany’s decision to make Lithuania and Courland, territories wrested from Russia, into German protectorates. The Poles wanted Lithuania for themselves. (Update: tomorrow’s paper will say that the resignations were over an order that Polish sharpshooters be placed at the disposal of Austria, to reinforce its failing position on the Italian front.

Since it hasn’t decided whether to accede to Southern and Texan demands to keep black soldiers out of their states, the War Department will temporarily stop drafting blacks.

Gen. Lavr Kornilov, the Commander in Chief of the Russian armies, shows up at the National Convention. Soldiers who are delegates from the Soldiers’ and Workers’ Soviet refuse to stand for him. He gives a speech. The Times doesn’t quote a word of it, but evidently “It was a quiet but terrible and merciless exposé of facts that chilled his listeners with a sense of the cold breath of utmost calamity.”

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