Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Today -100: August 1, 1918: When ye see me ye will weep

The Entente, Japan and the US are still negotiating the terms of the proposed intervention in Russia.

Capt. Sarrat, a French aviator, jumps from a plane with a parachute, or a 36-foot umbrella, which the AP wrongly thinks is the first such jump. German pilots successfully parachuted to safety in June.

Headline of the Day -100:

In Bohemia. It’s a stone that appears in extremely low tide, inscribed “When ye see me ye will weep.” Not really a folkloric thing, just that if you can see the stone, it’s too dangerous for ships to pass, so agricultural goods can’t travel.

The NYT editorial page:

Still haven’t seen any official reaction from any country.

The Bolshevik government bans pogroms, which is more than the czar ever did. The Jewish bourgeoisie “is our enemy not as Jews but as bourgeoisie,” the government explains.

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