Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Today -100: August 29, 1918: If you can’t trust a certain Erbs, conductor of a Swedish band, who can you trust?

The Horvath Dictatorship in Eastern Siberia collapses after, like, an hour when the Entente tells him no.

Where is the (dead) former tsarina Alexandra now? According to the Daily Mail, citing a pseudonymous source in Sweden, who in turn cites “the authority of a certain Erbs, conductor of a Swedish band,” Alexandra and her daughters are alive and well and living in Crimea and were in fact never in Siberia, that was just a Bolshevik lie. Also, A. Certain Erbs thinks Tsar Nicholas is not reallly dead.

In yet another example of the NYT quoting pretty much anyone, James Keeley, the former owner of The Chicago Herald, says Germany is even now picking out a new tsar for Russia.

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