Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Today -100: August 28, 1918: Of essential work, dictators, border skirmishes, and Sunday drives

The Senate unanimously passes the bill expanding the draft to ages 18-45 years (it was 21-31), and includes a “work or fight” amendment drafting anyone not employed in “essential” work. Strikers who obey arbitration decisions of the War Labor Board are exempted.

Speaking of essential work, the LAPD decide that movie extras are not performing it, and raid the movie studios to arrest extras.

Henry Ford wins the Democratic nomination for US Senate from Michigan, but not (at least in the early results) the Republican nomination. He says if he does get both he’ll flip a coin.

Former South Carolina governor Coleman Blease (remember him?) loses the primary for US Senate.

Gen. Dimitri Horvath declares himself dictator in Siberia.

A bunch of US soldiers are killed, and a lot more Mexicans on the border at Nogales, Arizona after a Mexican customs official tried to smuggle someone across the border. No idea what this is all about or who the Mexicans might be. (Update: it seems the shooting was started by a US private firing across the border and hitting a Mexican soldier. He claims the Mexicans were about to shoot).

The Fuel Administration asks everyone to stop driving or motor-boating on Sundays.

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