Friday, January 11, 2019

Today -100: January 11, 1919: When you have the entire bourgeoisie and three-fourths of the Berlin workmen with you, what can’t you do?

The NYT says Gen. Luis Dellepiane is now dictator of Argentina. He isn’t, but in his role as head of the police he is crushing a communist/anarchist strike/uprising in what became known as the Semana Trágica (tragic week).

In Berlin, the army tries to machine gun a plane dropping Spartacist leaflets. Where did they think it would crash if they succeeded in shooting it down?

The Ebert government, which is about to order soldiers to use military force against the Spartacists in Berlin, says “This whole Bolshevist uprising will be put down within the next three days. We are absolutely sure of our position. The entire bourgeoisie and three-fourths of the Berlin workmen are with us.” Also, possibly, Field Marshal Hindenburg, who it is rumored will be asked to lead the army against Berlin?

An ad placed by the Association Opposed to National Prohibition asks the question

Evidently “National Prohibition will compel a spy system similar to that of the overthrown Czar and the Kaiser.” Prohibition “will be the best excuse that can be offered to stir up strife among the people.”

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