Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Today -100: January 29, 1919: Of Spanish Flu, colonies, and fighting Poles

The number of Spanish Flu cases in New York is increasing (228 deaths yesterday), but Health Commissioner Royal Copeland says it’s not an epidemic, because of course he does.

The Peace Conference argues about Germany’s colonies. Woodrow Wilson wants to “internationalize” them, turning over their administration to the League of Nations, which would in turn give a “mandate” over the colony to some country. Which is what will be done. It will be exactly like being a colony of Britain, France, Australia, South Africa, etc., but the mandatory power (that’s what they’ll be called) will supposedly operate the colonies on behalf of the natives and have to write reports. The US is arguing that the various secret arrangements Britain and France made during the war dividing up Germany’s colonies are null and void because of the 14 Points. France and Britain are willing to renege on their secret deal with Japan, which they feel didn’t do enough militarily to deserve the territorial loot with which they were bribed. India, by the way, which is present at the Conference as if it were an independent nation, has put in a claim for Tanganyika (Tanzania).

The White regime in Archangel refuses the Peace Conference’s suggestion that the Russian factions meet, because that would amount to giving a form of recognition to the Bolsheviks.

Headline of the Day -100:

You’d think the Peace Conference would have something to say about this, wouldn’t you?

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