Monday, January 28, 2019

Today -100: January 28, 1919: Of small nations, cowardice and mawkish sentimentality, and old kaisers

The small nations give up their claims to greater representation at the Peace Conference (Serbia and Belgium especially made the case that as they suffered the most during the war they deserve more of a say than certain other countries they could name). Belgium would also like to annex Luxembourg.

The conference is discussing how to divvie up Germany’s colonies in the Far East and Africa.

The War Dept releases 113 imprisoned conscientious objectors. Well, 111: 2 say it’s against their religious scruples to leave, it “would not be for the glory of God.” The Kansas Legislature passes a resolution against the release, which it calls “mischievous, unwise, unpatriotic, unAmerican and destructive of the morale of every person wearing the uniform of the United States army,” placing “a premium on slackerism, cowardice and mawkish sentimentality.”

Former kaiser Wilhelm turns 60. There was going to be a concert by a church choir, but it was cancelled after an outcry (Willy knows nothing of any of this; his servants censor the newspapers and mail he gets so his formerly royal eyes are not offended by the sight of anything that might displease him).

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