Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Today -100: March 27, 1919: Of leagues, blockades, disorders, and pickles

The National American Woman’s Suffrage Association forms a non-partisan league of women voters, but can’t decide on a name for it. It will be bi-cameral, with a House of Voters representing the states that already have women’s suffrage, and a House of Delegates for the rest.

Italy lifts its blockade of the Adriatic.

France really wants the Allies to send troops, maybe 500,000 of them, to Hungary to repress Bolshevism there.

Hungarian Rumors of the Day -100: Count Károlyi has been 1) arrested, or 2) assassinated. No and no.

The New York Legislature creates a committee to investigate Bolshevism in the state.

The plan now is to combine all the peace treaties to end the Great War into a single treaty. Which is a little tricky since the US never declared war on Bulgaria and Turkey. They’re looking for a loophole.

Chicago Mayor “Big Bill” Thompson (R) has been using libel lawsuits to cow opposition to him in next month’s mayoral election, including a $500,000 suit against the Chicago Tribune for publishing comments against him made by various people. The Trib responds by pointing out all Thompson’s “seditious” (i.e., anti-war) statements, his refusal to invite the French and British missions to Chicago, calling Chicago the “sixth German city of the world” and so on. Thompson files a new suit against officers of the Robert M. Sweitzer Non-Partisan League for its statements about him (Sweitzer is the Democratic candidate for mayor).

Headline of the Day -100: 

Yeah, NYT, definitely prioritize the property damage over the 69 dead Egyptians. It says, “The disorders in Cairo were checked with the least possible employment of force.”

An Australian has entered the race for the Daily Mail’s £10,000 prize for the first trans-Atlantic flight. I assume he’s a plucky underdog because his name is Sydney Pickles. A British dirigible may also compete, if it can be finished in time.

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