Sunday, March 31, 2019

Today -100: March 31, 1919: Of debses, vaccines, and corridors

Toledo, Ohio officials bar Eugene Debs from giving his scheduled speech at Memorial Hall. The excluded crowd storms the Hall, although Debs is actually sick in bed in Cleveland at the time. 75 are arrested but later released.

The Prussian state government says that in distributing food received from abroad, it will prioritize industrial regions – except those with ongoing general strikes.

The vaccine against the Spanish Flu that New York cops were forced to get has incapacitated something like 1,200 of them. And is presumably also of no use against Spanish Flu.

Supposedly some time ago Japan offered France to wipe out Bolshevism in Russia in return for French Indochina.

The Allies are demanding that Polish troops be allowed to transit through Danzig, but Germany is resisting because it thinks they’ll actually try to claim the port for Poland.

This seems like as good a time as any to show you the only piece of Nazi propaganda I own. It decries the Danzig Corridor and the envelope it was sent in has a “Freie Staat Danzig” stamp. It was mailed from Germany on August 15, 1939 (and arrived after the war started) to a business in Brooklyn at which a relative of mine was employed, presumably because they had a NY phone book and the business had a German (actually German-Jewish) name.

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