Saturday, March 30, 2019

Today -100: March 30, 1919: No man is more innocent of this war than I

Headline of the Day -100: 

Former kaiser Wilhelm II says he’d rather kill himself than be put on trial, because it would be sooooo undignified. He admits to some youthful mistakes, but the war was totally the fault of the Russians. “I have made mistakes, but no man is more innocent of this war than I.”

Gen. Edmund Allenby tells Egyptian notables that he intends to use repression to bring order to Egypt (as is the custom), and it’s up to them to reduce the suffering he’ll be inflicting on the Egyptian people.

The end of the war prevented the adoption of physicist Robert Goddard’s new weapon, a rocket with a 200-mile range (Goddard was working on a bunch of things that could have been used in the war, including an early version of the bazooka).

A sign the war is over: the baking of fresh pastry is now permitted in France.

Supposedly the Allies have demanded the resignation of the new Hungarian soviet government and new elections supervised by Allied troops.

Raoul Villain, belatedly tried for murdering French Socialist leader Jean Jaurès just before the war began, is acquitted. His lawyer asked for the acquittal “In the name of victory, which is now filling our hearts with joy.”

20 Sinn Féin prisoners escape from Mountjoy Prison in Dublin, including J. J. Walsh, who was elected to the British Parliament in the  general election. They had a rope ladder.

Speaking of death-defying feats, the combined Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey, the “world’s first super-circus,” opens in Madison Square Garden. All the elephants, aerialists, bears riding bicycles, horseback riders, freaks, and, presumably, clowns, you can stand, although the NYT fails to say anything about the clowns.

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