Monday, February 12, 2024

Today -100: February 12, 1924: Of exclusive executive functions, martial law, and sausages

The Senate votes 47-34 to ask Coolidge to fire Navy Sec. Edwin Denby. The yes votes includes 10 R’s, the no vote 1 D.

Coolidge responds, telling Congress to jump in a lake: “The dismissal of an officer of the Government... other than by impeachment, is exclusively an executive function. I regard this as a vital principle of our Government.”  He might do something when the special counsel reports but, he says, he won’t sacrifice any innocent man for his own welfare, or retain any unfit man for his own welfare.

The Illinois National Guard are coming to Williamson County with machine guns and everything. Glenn Young, the KKK-paid dry raider, resigns as police chief of Herrin after a day. The coroner’s inquest in the case of Constable Cagle is delayed by Young arresting the jury foreman.

Former Italian PM Vittorio Orlando will run as a Fascist after all.

A German critic complains about the habit of eating sausages at the opera. Almost as bad as Americans with their chewing gum, he says.

George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue premieres at New York’s Aeolian Concert Hall. No doubt with many in the audience chewing gum.

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