Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Today -100: February 20, 1924: A bigger fool than the people of the United States give him credit for being

A White House spokesmodel, annoyingly unnamed, says the American people can rest assured that most government work is done without wrongdoing, and they should just ignore all the rumors.

The clothes worn by Abraham Lincoln when he was assassinated sell at auction for $6,500. Mary Todd Lincoln had given them to a White House doorkeeper.

Sen. Burton Wheeler (D-Montana) denounces Attorney Gen. Harry Daugherty for protecting criminals, selling public offices, and says he may well have known about Teapot Dome. “If the attorney general has not actually got the money that has been collected in these various cases from one end of the country to the other, he is a bigger fool than the people of the United States give him credit for being.” Wheeler offers a resolution for an investigation of the AG. Since he wants a “real investigation,” he takes the unusual step of naming the senators he wants on the investigating committee, including, of course, himself.

The National Republican, the RNC organ, engaging in both-sidesism, says Democrats are trying to shield other Democrats who might be “smeared with petroleum.”

Louisiana Lt. Gov Hewitt Bouanchaud, who has been running for governor as an anti-Klan candidate, is given a big Fuqua You, as he is defeated by Henry Fuqua in the Democratic primary.

William Gibbs McAdoo would prefer not to do a grueling presidential campaign tour, so he’s applied for a permit to put up a radio broadcasting plant at his Los Angeles home capable of reaching the entire country.

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