Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Colin Powell, who is evidently black, goes on a 4-nation tour of Africa. If I have this right, he told the leaders of two of those 4 countries that they should step down. He might be right (Daniel arap Moi and Robert Mugabe) but isn't that just a touch arrogant?

Speaking of diplomacy, we're evidently conducting arms control negotiations by press release these days. The Bushie Administration said that it would overcome Russia's objections to our scrapping the ABM treaty by buying its S-300 missiles--for use in our missile defense system. It just hadn't made this offer to anyone in Russia before telling it to the AP. Or presumably running it through Jane's, since it seems that the S-300 only shoots down airplanes, not missiles, whatever the NY Times and Washington Post might think (they didn't do their homework either). That's what happens when you have a moron in charge: no one else feels they have to work very hard either.

The Washington Post today (Tuesday) has a piece on the international police program the UN put into place in Bosnia 5 years ago. It's been marked by massive corruption (the Ukrainians
are only in it for the stolen cars) and lots and lots of underage sex. The police all have diplomatic immunity, you see, exactly what you want in your cops. Many cops have been sent home and their stories carefully covered up. The US contingent are considered to be average. The FBI, which is a law unto itself, as we know, refused to participate. So the job of recruitment and training was handed over to a private corporation, which got a lot of retired cops, some with pace-makers and over 65, and
bored cops looking for sex with 13-year olds, and sent them over.
No matter what they do (one cop *bought* a prostitute), the worst
that happens to them is they get sent home.

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