Monday, May 28, 2001

I've come back from graveyards before

The Washington Post says that Elliott Abrams, one of the few people who always look more pleased with themself than does Dubya, will be the next National Security Council senior director for democracy, human rights and international operations. The position does not require Senate confirmation. This is bad because it makes the 1980s into a waste. I said that if one good thing came of the Iran-Contra affair, it was that Elliott Abrams would never have a government job again. This is just wrong, people.

Speaking of democracy and human rights, the Colombian Senate has passed a bill allowing the security forces to detain suspects without charges for a week, conscript civilians in some form, arrest people denounced by their neighbors, investigate their own
human rights violations and even perform their own autopsies on the people they kill. Our tax dollars at work.

The Post also says that the new bumper sticker in DC is "Don't mess with Vermont."

And from the same column:

Meanwhile, former president Bill Clinton was playing a charity
round of golf at Ballybunion, Ireland, a few days ago, the Irish Times reports. "There's a graveyard [literally] to the right," warned his playing partner, former Irish foreign minister Dick Spring. "Yeah, I've come back from graveyards before," Clinton said.

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