Friday, May 25, 2001


The Justice Dept has found yet more documents they failed to hand over to McVeigh's lawyers. But Atty Gen Ashcroft says he won't postpone the execution again because there is no doubt that McVeigh is guilty. No there isn't, but there is doubt
over whether he received a fair trial.

Testifying before a House subcommittee on Bush's plan to let religious groups run social services, the Evangelical head of one such drug group bragged about converting Jews into what he calls "completed Jews," which is the cute fundie Christian term for it,
although the rest of us might have images of them trying to tack a foreskin back on.

Predictable headline of the week:
Computer Vandals Clog Antivandalism Web Site.

Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill evidently said: "If you set aside Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, the safety record of nuclear is really very good."

One of the great disappointments of the Blair government was that despite coming to power with 102 female MPs--known as Blair's Babes--, very much a record in the UK, they haven't made much impact to date, although there have been amusing discussions
about whether to allow breast-feeding in Parliamentary committees (it was banned because so are other forms of "refreshment"). And the women have really been absent from the election campaign. This has been noted, so today Chancellor Gordon Brown appeared, not just with the usual silent token woman, but with two of them, at what was sarcastically labelled Ladies' Day. A reporter addressed a question to one of them about this very subject:
"Why has it taken until week three of the campaign for more than one token woman to appear on the platform . . . and I think it's the first time that one of them has been allowed to answer a question from the platform?"

At this point Brown couldn't help butting in to answer the question himself.

Opening paragraph of the week:
A COUPLE were jailed yesterday for taking their daughters headmistress hostage and threatening her after the girl was sent home for wearing a nose ring.

Headline of the day: Ministry 'failed to heed advice on pigswill'

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