Thursday, May 31, 2001

For a Labour poster of William Hague
looking strangely familiar, click here.

You might also enjoy the other posters of this election, and there are links to election posters from 1910 up as well.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Blair went to visit Microsoft yesterday and was promptly integrated into their marketing campaign for some new software (I assume the next version
of Windoze).

The Supreme Court spent this week deciding on the Original Intent of the Founding Fathers of golf. They ruled by 7-2 that involved hitting a ball a ball with a stick, and that therefore a handicapped person could ride a golf cart. Scalia, exercising his usual compassion towards the disabled, compared this with letting a kid with Attention Deficit Disorder have 4 strikes in Little League. Isn't this the guy who spotted Boy George the state of Florida?

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