Saturday, September 28, 2002

Bungee jumping from helicopters and having sex with dolphins. Must be the weekend

This could be entertaining: a site that allows you to test whether a website is blocked in China or not. They can get The Onion. [update: dead link]

At the creepier end of the Web, try, which asks the burning question, How can I tell if a dolphin wants to have sex with me? [update: dead link]

It’s easy to see the catch in Bush’s proposed UN resolution on Iraq. It’s not the access, it’s that Iraq would have to produce a list of all its programs and sites, and if Bush pretends not to believe the list, he gets his war. If this is legal under the UN Charter, we all have to stop taking the UN seriously. Also, the UN would get to inspect Hussein’s palaces---and mosques. What I haven’t figured out is why the US is so insistent that the resolution say that Iraq is in breach of past resolutions.

The % of people bothering to vote in primaries has increased to a whopping 17% this year, a truly vigorous democratic process.

In November Oregon will vote on whether to allow free negroes and mulattoes to move to their state.

More on the John Major sex scandal, as long as I started on the subject: when he was PM, there was a rumor that he was having an affair with the Downing St. caterer. His staff advised her not to deny the rumors, which she now realizes was so that she would be the decoy for the real affair. Major himself told her she should earn as much money as she could from the story, and they both sued the New Statesman for doing a story which denied the rumor, but still reported it, in the context of a story on Britain’s over-strict libel laws. Major and the caterer made a lot of money off those over-strict libel laws, and a lesson was sent to the papers not to go after the real affair, if they ever found out about it.

The British National Health is prescribing vibrators for women with sexual and physical disfunctions. But just once submit a claim to Blue Cross for hookers... Incidentally, a women’s sex shop in the East End is called Sh! I suppose they preferred that to Bzzzzzz. Also in today’s papers, a new nasal spray that puts women into a state of extreme sexual arousal.

At last some D’s are beginning to come out against, or at least ask questions about, the war. Frank Rich has a sentence in today’s NY Times about sure the D’s are patriotic, they give national security nearly as high a priority as their own job security. You do have to wonder about the strategy that they should just cave in to Bush quickly (cuz they’re gonna do it anyway) so they can get back to domestic policy. Guys, you spend $200 billion on a war, there is no domestic policy.

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