Sunday, September 15, 2002

The NY Times says that any commercial radio station can simply push public radio stations with weaker signals right off the air, and that right-wing religious broadcasters are doing this deliberately.

I’ve lost track of how many countries have given in to US pressure regarding the International Criminal Court, but one which has is the newest, East Timor. Which is especially egregious because the original Indonesian invasion was green-lighted by the US, specifically by Henry Kissinger, that one-man war crime wave.

Hong Kong, following Beijing’s commands, is planning a law against sedition and subversion.

Post on how the R’s are using “faith-based initiatives” as election-year bribery.

One of my sources of odd websites doesn’t seem to realize that this one is a satire, of parental hysteria over paedophiles. I especially like this one, under Upcoming Events:
Portsmouth Mob
Event: 3rd Annual Name-and-shame-athon
Date: 22nd October 2002
Type: Ousting
A spate of random acts of violence against local paediatricians and that man who hangs around in the park, you know, the one with the coat. Free placards for under-10s when accompanied by a furious adult.
According to Dave Barry, in a column on the diversion of money from those tobacco lawsuits, not only is most of it not being spent on anti-smoking programs, which I knew, but, which I didn’t, North Carolina spent $41 million of its share on buying machinery to make tobacco growers more efficient.

You might also read Barry’s column on the Florida election debacle 2002, not his regular weekly column.

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