Saturday, July 05, 2003

Checks and balances

Happy 27th anniversary of the Bicentennial.

Berlusconi denies that he ever apologized. Indeed, he feels that he is owed an apology.

Some idiot with piercings of her lips and studs was hit by lightning. Guess what acted as conductors? There is an organization for such people. I didn’t dare click on “Become a member.”

They’re finally moving towards those “military tribunals.” Here’s a quote from the Times:
"There are a lot of checks and balances in this system," one Pentagon spokesman told The Times. Asked what those checks and balances were, the official cited the review of the President's decision by Mr Wolfowitz.

Asked if there were any other checks and balances other than that, the official replied: "No, sir."

Wolfy not only names the people to be charged, but appoints their jury, and the panel that will review cases, and will make the final decision. So the person he is checking and balancing is himself. The “trials” will allow hearsay and coerced statements.

The BBC show Mastermind, compared to which Jeopardy takes the little bus to school, denies that it’s dumbing down, but sadly it is. One possible specialist category is The Simpsons. The Times has these suggested questions. If you’re very nice to me, I’ll send the answers some time. If you’re looking for a way to be nice to me, the Times says that Mastermind CD-ROMS are sold by the BBC. [Never mind, more expensive than I expected.]

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