Thursday, July 24, 2003

Dental records?

Oh dear, it’s worse than I thought last time. The drug industry is actually subsidizing the anti-RU486 program of the Traditional Values Coalition against the drug re-importation bill.

Robert Fisk, in another of those vital stories in the Indy that the non-paying public mostly can’t read (it must be vital, it says several things I’ve been thinking all day), comments on the decision to kill rather than capture the brothers Hussein (and it was a decision: 10 anti-tank missiles, helicopter gun-ships and .50 machine guns were used [and with the usual American accuracy--one missile hit a house 5 doors away; while this was going on, neighbors whose houses were being shot up were not allowed to leave.] If they were worried about taking weapons fire, they could have mounted a siege. With bad pop music, like Noriega.) that it is unbelievable that the decision was an “operational decision” made at a low level. Not only would a trial have been better than deaths, and more indicative of a transition to a rule of law, but Iraqis might have believed images of the brothers surrendering rather than the hilarious claim that Tariq Azi was brought in and id’d the bodies. As of this writing, no pictures have been released, although Rumsfeld says they’ll get around to it “soon.” It is already too late for them to be believed. And how exactly does the US have the sons’ dental records? Interesting question: where will they be buried?

Saw Bush on tv giving an award to former president Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic. The dissident playwright did not say anything about Bush’s Secret Service going to the LA Times to try to interrogate an editorial cartoonist.

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