Wednesday, July 02, 2003

My answer is bring them on

You know it’s a bad day when your desk chair tries to kill you in a suicide attack.

Bush on attacks on US troops in Iraq: “My answer is bring them on.” Traditionally, isn’t that phrase only used by people who will do the fighting themselves? Or is this some sort of subliminable reverse psychology thing? He also blames Al Qaida for the attacks, with no evidence whatsoever.

I’ve lost track. Have we reached the point where more US soldiers have been killed after the war in Iraq was declared over than during the war?

A German is fined after admitting to crashing his car into a road sign while having sex with a hitchhiker at 60 mph. The fine is for leaving the scene, and to replace the sign. It turns out that having sex while driving isn’t actually illegal in Germany. Plan your vacations accordingly.

Robert Mugabe calls Colin Powell an Uncle Tom. And your point is? Last week Powell promised massive aid to Zimbabwe if Mugabe was overthrown. How that’s different from putting a price on his head, I’m not exactly sure.

Darrell Issa, the guy funding the Davis recall, continues to implode as two old gun charges against him come out. Also, when a judge awarded him control of a company that had defaulted on a debt to him, he arrived, the story goes, with a gun that he showed the company’s director as he fired him. He sort of denies this, saying, “I don't think I ever pulled a gun on anyone in my life.” Right. Once again, Davis has found the one Republican he can beat.

I’ve talked about the secretive Carlyle Group and its Republican connections. Its managing director, who evidently didn’t realize he was being recorded, made some hilarious remarks about a drone he was asked to put on the board and fired 3 years later, one George Walker Bush. Read this, it’s hilarious.

One reason Berlusconi got his immunity law was so that his presidency of the EU wouldn’t be blighted. Unless of course he opened his big mouth and suggested, not one full day into that presidency, that a German MEP would be perfect to play a Nazi concentration camp commander in a film. The MEP’s name is Schulz, yet. Berlusconi has refused to apologize. It should be noted that members of his governing coalition want ships carrying immigrants to have cannons fired at them. Some people have noted that the minimum standards of democracy that new applicants to the EU like Poland have to meet are no longer met by Italy.

Israel has pulled out of Bethlehem, which is still surrounded on all sides. Remember how I said Israel would make no such move without doing something nasty at the same time that wouldn’t get nearly as much publicity? In this case, they confiscated a bunch of land and plan demolition of Palestinian houses there, both acts not allowed under the “road map.”

Go to Google. Type into the search window “weapons of mass destruction,” but without using quote marks. Click on “I’m feeling lucky.” Do it now.

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