Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Dead, alive, or torn to pieces

Howard Dean: “this government either is inept or simply has not told us the truth.” Don’t know why you thinks its either/or, Howie. The WashPost editorializes that there is no proof, yet, that the Bushies knowingly falsified the case for war. Even if we grant that, which I don’t, there is proof that they failed to correct their misstatements after they were found to be false, which is quite bad enough. And if there isn’t proof yet, it’s because they really didn’t care that much about the facts, they just put any old info-turd out there.

Mrs. Bush read a book about Clifford the big red dog to some HIV-infected children in Uganda; the children responded with a song: “AIDS has no mercy to the youth," they sang. "We all die young.”

Here’s an amusing transcript of a CNN interview by Wolf Blitzer of Scott Ritter. (or would be if I’d remembered to past the URL, but you could look it up) Blitzer tries to make Bush’s case at every turn, and Ritter corrects him on his facts over and over. As an example of what’s wrong with tv journalism it’s instructive, but Ritter also gives a new datum. There’s an Iraqi nuclear scientist who had equipment buried in his back yard. British foreign sec Jack Straw just tried to use this as an ah-hah without mentioning that the stuff had been there since 1991 and was never dug up, suggesting that Iraq was not reconstituting its arms program. Ritter mentions that if Clinton hadn’t pulled the plug on inspections in 1998, they had plans to go into the scientist’s back yard with ground-penetrating radar.

Gay marriage is legalized in Buenos Aires.

A 13-year old girl in Florida will be tried as an adult.

Bush’s new press secretary’s father has a book coming out about the conspiracy behind the assassination of JFK.

The puppet “governing” council in Iraq acts to set up a war crimes court. Oh yeah, that’ll be fair. Victor’s justice at its finest.

The US has cleared the soldiers who shot down an RAF Tornado in Iraq. Have you ever heard of someone being punished for a friendly fire incident? The board of inquiry claims that the Tornado’s friend-or-foe identifier wasn’t functioning. The only problem there (besides the fact that you still wouldn’t mistake the plane for a missile) is that if that system isn’t working, the plane cannot take off.

The Philippines government has announced a reward of £60,000 for an Islamic militant, alive, dead or “torn to pieces.”

Neil Bush, the presidential brother whose crimes at Silverado S & L have been completely forgotten, is in the middle of a dirty divorce, which is being ignored like FDR’s wheelchair. He’s trying to throw her and his kids out of the family house (which she’s willing to buy, but he won’t sell...not to her anyway). And he admits to having sex with local women (read prostitutes) several times during business trips to the mysterious Orient.

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