Wednesday, September 03, 2003

2,000 baboon noses

The organizers of today’s Calif. goober debate wimped out of their plans to leave an empty seat for Arnold (only 5 others are allowed to be there). He ducked the debate, but not the egg that hit him at Cal State Long Beach. Arnold will only go to one of the debates, not the one on the Game Show Channel as you’d expect, but one where the questions are given to the candidates in advance, which is about what you would expect. One of Bustamante’s people said of him “There’s no training wheels on this bike,” which is a good line, well, until you visualize him on a child’s bike, which I just did as I was cutting/pasting that line. Oh dear, now the image won’t leave my head.

More of the wit and wisdom of Arnie: “If there was an addiction place for spending, I would send all those guys to that place.”

When an Austrian starts thinking about sending a category of people to one place, well...

Saw an Arnie commercial today, on Jeopardy. Is that really his audience?

Florida executes Paul Hill, or as Saletan of Slate puts it, Florida Kills a Man for Killing a Doctor for Killing Babies. Incidentally, who allowed this man to hold a press conference yesterday? His last meal was not vegetarian, in case you were wondering. The Times story about this says that Jeb Bush converted to Catholicism. Can anyone confirm that?

Ha'aretz has a breakdown of Palestinians killed over the last couple of years by Israeli security forces. Read the article for numbers of children, people in the vicinity of assassination targets, etc, but the overall figures--using government figures--show that 80% of the dead were not connected to armed actions.

If the Washington Post ran a Style Invitational contest for stories whose headlines ensure no one dares read the story (and I just suggested to them that they do), here is one such: “Airport Inspectors Find 2,000 Baboon Noses”.

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