Monday, September 08, 2003

False comfort in a dangerous world

In his speech tonight, Bush said there will be no going back to “false comfort in a dangerous world.” Which is odd, because I thought that was gonna be his campaign slogan in 2004. It was an odd speech, I thought. To my question of how he would explain his U-turn on the UN, he didn’t. He just told them it was their “responsibility” to send cannon fodder to be placed under American leadership. You sweet talker, you. In the same way, he told the US people they’d have to fork over another $87 billion, without making a single concession--an apology or explanation, say--to those Americans who think something has gone badly wrong in Iraq. It’s like that “Saddam [or whoever] needs to...” formulation. What he wants, it’s everybody else’s duty to do. He’s getting steadily less willing to acknowledge that anyone else (besides the “killers”) has a viewpoint of their own. I’m telling you, this is textbook sociopathic thinking.

More and more he describes the fight against terrorism as if it can be fought by exactly the same methods as you’d fight a conventional war against an army in uniform in a territorially based state. He said Iraq is a “central front” [whatever one of those might be] in the war on terror. “Enemies of freedom are making a desperate stand there and they must be defeated.” It’s not the fucking Alamo or the battle of the Somme or whatever battle imagery is going through his microcephalic skull.

Arafat picks as PM another guy with two names.

The Guardian on the abstinence pledges (complete with silver rings) your tax dollars are being used to coerce teenagers into taking. Fun article. Find out why oral sex is like Pringles.

Did you know that the Christian right has declared the week of Oct. 12 Marriage Protection Week? There is of course a website: Did you know there are people who want to define marriage to include two women, two men, or possibly one man and four women of one woman and two men? Donald Wildmon says “Their efforts are intended to force, by law, 97% of Americans to bow down to the desires of the approximately 3% who are homosexuals.” First, what the homosexuals told you to do was “blow me”; bowing down has to be a pretty awkward way of doing that. Second, homosexuals may be just 3% of Americans (but probably aren’t), but if you add in the Mormons and perverts...

Speaking of annoying Christians, click here for messages posted to Paul Hill. And at the bottom, there is perhaps the least appealing invitation ever: To View Helpless babies murdered by babykilling abortionists click here.

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