Thursday, September 25, 2003

Get them dying for their country so fewer Americans have to

The Times says that Britain and the US are considering introducing the death penalty in Iraq, including for attacks on oil pipelines. It’s actually the puppet council calling for it. In fact, the “human rights lawyer” on the council.

Just watched the goober debate. A lot of yelling and interrupting, especially whenever Arianna was speaking. I think Arnold obliquely threatened to drunk her head in a toilet bowl. (Later): Yeah, that’s how everyone else interpreted that line as well. And, being the candidate from Planet Hollywood, as Bustamoney’s new ads call him, he slipped in a product placement (for the Hummer, of course).

When I quoted candidate statements, I missed this one: Leonard Padilla, Independent, Sacramento: As a professional bounty hunter for over 28 years, I have had to make critical and unimaginable decisions while enforcing the laws of California.

Thanks to the wimpishness of one Texas legislator, the Texas Lege just redistricted and gave Tom DeLay several more Republican House seats.

Fablog has Bush’s UN speech interspersed with sarcastic comments. Fun, although not as good as it could be.

Uncle Sam wants you: Paul Wolfowitz says we’re “trying to, in fact, get more Iraqis on the front lines, get them dying for their country so fewer Americans have to.” I trust they’re not letting him write the recruiting material. And to think we bitched when Saddam used human shields.

The woman sentenced to death by stoning in Nigeria has won on appeal. Justice and enlightenment have returned to Nigeria. Well, for part of the day: another court sentenced a man to death for sodomy.

Bhutan will ban smoking everywhere by the end of the year.

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