Friday, September 19, 2003

The angry left

Evidently the new right-wing term of contempt for the left wing is “the angry left.

The British Labour Party loses its first by-election in 15 years, and a very safe Labour seat (Brent East) it used to be too before this 29% swing. A 29-year old female Liberal Democrat becomes the shockingly old youngest member of Parliament.

The Forbes 400 shows that the 400 richest Americans have increased their fortunes by 10% in the last year. The Bush tax cuts are working. And much of that is in stocks which are currently undervalued, so they’re even richer. The richest family on earth: the Waltons, collectively worth over $100 billion. WalMart gives its new employees information on how to collect food stamps.

A must-read, John Pilger on the state of Afghanistan, including the plight of women, now worse than under the Taliban. I can’t help but having noticed in the past few weeks how small the news stories on Afghanistan are, although US forces may be killing as many Afghans each week as they are Iraqis.

The Catholic church is suing other churches that call themselves “Catholic.” "These men dress as priests and conduct services that appear to be a Catholic Mass," said David Brown, attorney for the archdiocese. "You cannot simply set up in whatever church and call yourself Roman Catholic. That's fraud." This is massively silly, but the core of the church’s case is that they are real priests because God supports only the Catholic Church (TM). It’ll be interesting to watch them try to make their case in court without actually saying that.

Wesley Clark can’t make up his mind whether he would have voted for the Iraq war. What sort of leadership and decision-making skills do you have when you can’t even make a decision with the full benefit of hindsight, knowing how it came out, and it’s in the one field where you’re supposed to have experience?

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