Sunday, February 01, 2004

35 feet

The Iranian government cancels elections, as I said it should. Still, scary.

(Later:) and all the reformists have resigned from Parliament.

North Korea. Gas chambers. Medical experiments on prisoners. Read.

The Observer says that the Bush admin knew there were no Iraqi WMDs last May.

I mentioned the exploding whale in Taipei. Here’s a story with pictures. And a somewhat odd final sentence...

But if you want to see something much more disgusting than exploded whale, here’s Paul Wolfowitz trying to suggest that the US has freed Iraqi women from Taliban-style oppression.

“A Davenport man on trial for three charges of indecent exposure tried to defend himself by having his wife testify that he is not well-endowed enough for a female postal worker to have seen his penis from about 35 feet away. ... The couple’s children were in the courtroom when she testified.”

John Kerry: Botox or not Botox? You decide.

The Columbia Journalism School website asks an obvious question: why has no reporter since the State of the Union Address asked the White House for a definition of “Weapons of mass destruction-related program activities”? The site does make an exception: “For the record, Jon Stewart did ask "Weapons of mass destruction related program activities? What the f--- is that?" on Comedy Central's "Daily Show" on the 21st.” Actually, David Kay coined the term in his interim report last October. So at Wednesday’s Senate hearings, Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE-Never heard of him) asked. Kay gave a definition, such as it was, and another senator asked how many countries have “WMD-RPAs”. About 50.

This could take longer than we thought.

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