Monday, February 23, 2004


Iran is claiming a turnout of just over 50%, having resisted the urge to claim a turnout of 99.999%, but without much more believability. There are not gonna be a lot of women MPs, but there will be a fair number of nuclear scientists, one of whom is a twofer, also being one of the students who took over the American embassy in 1979. Expect negotiations over nuclear weapons to become a little more difficult.

Al Sharpton calls Ralph Nader an egomaniac.

From the Sunday Times (London): “A PENTAGON intelligence guide to Iraq that was distributed to American troops six months before last year's war indicated that they faced little danger from chemical weapons. Although it devotes 11 pages to poisonous snakes, spiders and plants, the 380 page manual spends just two pages warning soldiers of the possible peril from weapons of mass destruction (WMD). This is scarcely more than the section on noxious gases from burning oil installations. A copy of the Iraq Country Handbook, marked "for official use only", was bought last week for £5 by a Sunday Times reporter in a Baghdad market.” The publication date was September 2002. It says that it is “possible” that Iraq "retain a small offensive chemical warfare capability", compared to Bush’s state of the union statement 4 months later that Iraq had enough anthrax "to kill several million people" and chemical weapons that could "kill untold thousands".

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