Saturday, February 28, 2004

The three main fools of the 21st century

There’s something particularly amusing about Bush’s Friday Afternoon Massacre at his bioethics panel, and packing it with anti-abortionites. I don’t know what Randy Cohen would say, but I think that most ethicists would say that the ethical thing for an ethicist to do when the panel he or she is on has been ideologically purged and packed, is to resign.

The Iraqi Puppet Council reverses its introduction of sharia law. Bremer had not bothered to veto it in the two months since the first vote, as opposed to his abrogation of their decision to allow back all Iraqis expelled from the country over the last few decades except for Jews. The NYT didn’t say how long that decision took, but I’ll bet it was less than 2 months.

Colin Powell, who has been calling for negotiations in Haiti at the same time as he is suggesting that Aristide step down in order to ensure that there are no negotiations, is now referring to the insurrectionists as “the resistance.” (Later: it’s worse. They’re now actively blaming Aristide for the violence).

From the NYT: “President Bush has approved a plan to intensify the effort to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, officials say.” Oh, so they weren’t trying before. That would certainly explain it.

A woman in a wheelchair who John Edwards patted on the head says that he lacks disability etiquette. Speaking of which, oh holy shit:

From News of the Weird: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, who is widely believed by United Nations officials and Far East experts to be tolerating the starvation deaths of perhaps millions of his countrymen, launched a nationwide campaign in January to improve national health by eradicating smoking, whose practitioners, said Kim, are one of the "three main fools of the 21st century" (along with people ignorant about music and computers).

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