Friday, August 06, 2004

7 minutes

Kerry said that if it had been him in that classroom on 9/11, he would have gotten up and left. Guiliani accused him of taking his cues from Michael Moore, who is rapidly becoming a figure of hate among the R’s. But the fact that Guiliani could link Pet-Goat-gate to Moore just shows that almost no one else talked about it for almost 3 years; Moore owns the issue. Now, I suggested not two weeks after 9/11 that if someone ran film of those 7 minutes in a split screen with images from NY from those same minutes, or with sound from the Pennsylvania plane’s black box, Bush would be finished.

And it’s not a cheap shot. Once the second plane hit, it was clear that terrorists were using passenger planes as weapons, and the only person then legally allowed to order civilian planes shot down was the president (although we now know that Cheney illegally ordered planes to be "taken out"), who should have been collecting information in case there were other hijacked planes, as indeed there were. It was criminally negligent of Bush to remain in that room.

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