Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Knowing what I know today

I have another take on OrangeAlertGate. The July Surprise failed: the capture of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani didn’t distract from the Democratic Convention and got so little attention that it was hardly worth whatever Pakistan was bribed. So this week they tried for a second bite at the apple, claiming that the arrest was accompanied by this incredible intelligence coup. Well, this time it earned the Bushies the publicity they didn’t get last week, but the wrong kind.

Missouri, the "For God’s Sake Don’t Show Me" state, votes in a referendum to add a ban on gay marriage to the state constitution.

Update: I just figured it out, when I saw a headline "Gay Marriage Ban in Mo." This is actually part of Fox's strategy to get everyone talking about which character on The Simpsons is coming out of the closet in January and getting married. Now we know it isn't Mo the bartender. Isn't it clever of them to get an entire state to participate in their PR campaign?

The Chalabis and other former exiles are trying to ensure that the 3 million Iraqis living abroad can vote in the next elections.

Bush said this week that "knowing what I know today, we still would have gone on into Iraq." But just what does Bush know today?:
  • That Dick Cheney sure has a big head.
  • That pet goat sure is funny.
  • I like pie.
  • Nuclear is pronounced nookyuler.
  • Ride bike, fall down boom, ow.

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