Friday, August 06, 2004

Affirmatively taking action, but not affirmative action. Head... hurt.

Asked by minority journalists about affirmative action at colleges & universities, Bush, evidently thinking he was fooling somebody, said "I support colleges affirmatively taking action to get more minorities in their school." Showing what happens the one time a year he lets himself be questioned by a group that hasn’t been properly screened, he is asked about legacy admissions--such as his own undeserved admission into Yale--and forced to come out against them.

Russia is stonewalling Poland’s war crimes/genocide investigation of the Katyn massacre.

And an Indonesian appeal court quashed 4 more of the few convictions for the 1999 massacres in East Timor, leaving only 2 people whose convictions stand. 18 were convicted; the 16 whose sentences were overturned were all in the military or police, the other 2 were civilians.

A shorter version of that story appears in the "news in brief" section of the Daily Telegraph. Now, the Tel is a right-wing newspaper with low journalistic standards, but I’ve been reading it online for 8 years. Today’s news in brief section demonstrates why. Along with the genocide story, there’s a story about Dutch politicians considering making unsolicited toe-licking a crime after a man who engages in that hobby can’t be convicted of anything (better headline in the Guardian: "Toe-Sucker Not Brought to Heel"), a man who shot himself in his own buttocks, the world’s hairiest man gets his ear hair trimmed, a German in a Spanish jail who glued his hand to his girlfriend’s during a visit to prevent his being extradited, and a sect of Muslim wife-swappers in Nigeria fighting off the police with bows and arrows.

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