Thursday, August 05, 2004

Preserving Tigger's Magic

In an effort to make passports harder to forge, the British government will reject any passport photos in which the subject is smiling. Screws up biometric readings. I think in future we should all beam like demented monkeys on any photo id’s. Got through that without making any comments about British dentistry.
(Update): Funny, I wrote that before seeing this WaPo story about American US's plans to use biometric data in passports, even though it won't work. The Post doesn't mention the thing about smiling.

A Disney World employee was acquitted of fondling a 13-year old girl while dressed as Tigger. His lawyer (who himself moonlights as Tigger and Goofy at Disney World, which is normally not the best recommendation for an attorney) put on the suit in court and demonstrated to the jury how the costume limited vision and motion. The jury members were also invited to try on the suit, although Disney had tried to prevent the costume being entered into evidence, in order to preserve Tigger’s "magic."

Alabama executes a 74-year old. He was the oldest person executed in the US since 1941.

The US is thinking about writing a jolly stiff letter of protest to Israel, which just started building new settlement housing in violation of promises made to the US. The settlements will completely encircle East Jerusalem, and probably be annexed to Jerusalem (since 1967, the area defined by Israel as the West Bank has been steadily whittled away as land is annexed to what Israel defines as Jerusalem).

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