Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bombed from underground

William Saletan smacks down Scalito for treating women as if they were less than full adults in his Casey dissent, at greater length than Billmon and I did Monday. Isn’t that the same William Saletan that Bionic Octopus
and I took to task for the exact same thing back in June? Well, he gets it right this time.

In a meeting of useless inbred children of privilege, Bush praises Prince Charles for his “steadfast leadership.” Leadership of what, exactly? He added, “The nation that defied bombardment from the air in 1940 once again refused to cower when its people were bombed from underground this summer.” He thinks Britain was attacked by the Mole People, doesn’t he? He wants us to fight them in the earth’s core so we don’t have to fight them here, doesn’t he?

WaPo headline: “Rove’s Future Role Debated.” Hey, those license plates ain’t gonna make themselves.

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