Saturday, November 05, 2005

A forum to speak about the vulnerability of humanity and the earth

Two stories that are probably more amusing in my mental picture of them than they were in real life:
Vicar Hurls Tea at Burglar

Cruise Ship Repels Somali Pirates

The US has launched a new offensive on the Syrian border called... wait for it... Operation Steel Curtain. Remember: Iron Curtain bad, Steel Curtain good.

In Sacramento, the police are threatening members of the group Breasts Not Bombs, saying that if they show their breasts not bombs at a demonstration Monday (plan your vacations accordingly), they will be arrested and forced to register as sex offenders (an egregious abuse of power that would take this story out of the realm of the humorous if it weren’t for the, you know, boobs). B Not B says such events are “forum[s] to speak about the vulnerability of humanity and the earth.” The LAT:
State police say that when the group filed for a protest permit last month, there was no indication that Breasts Not Bombs was going to go topless. But the group’s name made them suspicious.

“I decided to conduct some research,” CHP Officer Keith Troy wrote in his court declaration. It’s unclear what that research involved.
The state argued that there was an especial danger to this protest in that the park in the Capitol is frequented by sex offenders. Insert your own Arnold Schwarzenegger joke here.

As every blogger in the known universe has noted, the Bush admin will begin mandatory classes on ethics and not leaking classified shit. Because the reason Rove, Cheney, Scooty-Poot et al released classified information in retaliation against Joseph Wilson was that they didn’t know it was unethical because there hadn’t been a freaking seminar to tell them it was unethical.

Note to my English readers: penny for the guy, guv’nor?

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