Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Good citizens of Iraq, a little the worse for wear

The US military has released 500 prisoners from Abu Ghraib to celebrate the end of this thing they’ve just heard of called Ramada Inn, or something. Evidently a review board, which just coincidentally came to its conclusions at the end of Top Ramen, showed that all 500 were completely innocent of any serious crime, which you’d kinda think would have been nice to know before locking them up in the first place. Also, sez the Pentagon, “These detainees have confessed to their crimes, renounced violence and pledged to be good citizens of Iraq.” Also, they have all learned to love Big Brother. The press release goes on, “Deputy Prime Minister Abed Motlaq al-Jabouri, Justice Minister Abdul Hussein Shandel and Human Rights Minister Narmin Othman witnessed the release to emphasize the importance of being a good Iraqi citizen and provide support to the Iraqi government, officials noted.” How does it emphasize the importance of what-they-said exactly?

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