Sunday, November 06, 2005

I got bombs, he got bombs

In Anbar province, Operation Steel Curtain continues apace, although without accomplishing my personal goal for it: giving me some pretext for concocting a “Do the Operation Steel Drapes match the Operation Steel Curtain?” joke. Says Col. Stephen Davis, “I got bombs, he got bombs. I got more bombs that he got. It’s a very primal fight. We don’t do a lot of hearts and minds out here because it is irrelevant.”

From the Daily Telegraph: “Prince Harry is to be pelted with potatoes as part of his year-long training at Sandhurst.” (For Americans: the equivalent of West Point.) It’s to prepare soldiers to deal with riots, or possibly it’s just an excuse to pelt Prince Harry with potatoes.

In France, where cadets surrender are being pelted with French fries, the Bonfire of the Citro├źns continues, and is spreading well beyond Paris, with over 1,300 cars torched so far. Auguste Blanqui would be so proud. To fuckwit Interior Minister Sarkozy’s description of rioters as “scum,” we can now add the speaker of the Parliament’s insistence that they “do not come from this planet.” Best analysis (sorry, find the links yourselves) in Doug Ireland’s blog and Lenin’s Tomb.

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