Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A clash about civili“s”ation

One of Bush’s favorite words lately is diversity, as in, Iraq’s government (if one ever forms), will reflect Iraq’s diversity. An unlikely convert to the Rainbow Coalition, but there you are. What then must he think of Israel’s Kadima Party, which thought vaguely about giving a Palestinian a winnable position on the party electoral list, conducted a poll which said that would lose them more Jewish voters than it would gain them Palestinians, and decided to go the apartheid route.

Tony Blair, in a speech I taped off C-SPAN but haven’t watched yet, says that the key to winning The War Against Terrorism (TWAT) is to tell the terrorists that all their ideas are wrong. Specifically, “I mean telling them their attitude to America is absurd, their concept of governance pre-feudal, their positions on women and other faiths, reactionary and regressive.” He says this is “Not a clash between civilisations, but a clash about civilisation”. The British are in an especially good position to clash, in a civilized way, of course, about civilization, because they are so very civilized, as you can tell by the fact that they spell civilization with an s. Blair will not stop sending his armed forces to kill Muslims until they too spell civilization with an s. Honestly, even when Blair’s criticisms are correct, that nannyish mode of being civilized he displays just gives civilization a bad name.

Speaking of a clash about civilization, Saudi Arabia has banned men from selling women’s lingerie.

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